Our Pastor
Meet our Staff!
Our Senior Pastor is Michael Longfellow, and his wife Kelleen Longfellow is our Worship Pastor

Pastor Michael has been Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hallowell since June of 2006.  He is passionate
about showing others the way to have a personal relationship with Christ, discipling believers in their walk of faith and
developing a team of leaders.  Community is a central focus of his ministry as we learn how we can rely on God and
one another and serve together.  

Pastor Kelleen is wonderfully talented, and leads our Worship team every Sunday. She leads through piano, but also
can play guitar.

Pastor Michael and his wife, Kelleen, both graduated from LIFE Pacific College in San Dimas, California with
Bachelor's of Biblical Studies Degrees. Pastor Kelleen has her Masters degree in teaching. They love to serve in
ministry together!

They both love spending time with their 7 year old son, Noah, their 4 year old girl, Serenity, and their 2 year old, Ezra.  
Pastor Michael is an avid sports fan (Go Pats!) and enjoys the outdoors through hunting, fishing, and four wheeling.
About Our Church
Next Steps
Our Youth Pastors are Matt and
Heidi Jennings.

They have four children, 2 boys, and 2 twin
little girls.
Kristi is our Office Coordinator.

She has two beautiful daughters.
Brianna is our Graphic Design
Artist and Office Help.